The Money Making Idea You've Been Looking For Could Be On This CD

With Over 936 Ways To Make Money - Including Offline, Online, Home-Based, eBay and More - This Could Be The Best Investment You Ever Make...

Using nothing more than simple classified ads, you can start
a business which could make you thousands of dollars.

The Great Ideas Letter Archive CD is the CD that will show you how to launch such businesses, and loads of others businesses too. That's because it contains every issue ever published of The Great Ideas Letter - that's 234 issues as published between July 2002 and December 2006 - with each issue containing at least 4 unique, unusual and/or Proven business ideas.

Plus it comes with 7 bonus items - some of which have never been sold on their own and are not available anywhere else. Including one report on a business that was started with nothing but classified ads and which makes over $2,000 a month without the owner actually working, and another which reveals how to make a mint with old books on eBay.

You'll see all the Easy-To-Start ways people like you are making money Right Now. Some are Proven Winners making Thousands while others are ripe markets just waiting for someone to jump in to and make a killing.

Plus, many of the ideas are written in a simplified Business Plan Format which includes details about the profit potential, the tools and equipment you might need and how to get going even if you have none of it, how to set up and run the business, things to look out for, marketing the business (complete with example ads, flyers, etc.) an analysis of the competition, plus loads more. Almost like step-by-step instructions. Easy.

This CD makes it Easy for you to get your business started or to expand your existing business, be it home-based, offline, online, eBay or other.

Here's just a tiny fraction of the Tremendous amount of Quality Info The Great Ideas Letter Archive CD contains:

» How one business was started with nothing but classified ads, and the $20 ad that was used which you can copy. Plus you also see other profitable classified ads of less than five words long (sell the same thing and you're all set)

» The secret online location that tells you what people are searching for (sell what people are looking for and half the battle is won)

» The websites the serious international entrepreneurs go to when they need something manufactured for pennies on the dollar (no membership fees required)

» How one business makes money selling photocopied pieces of paper - and how you can too even if you don't have a photocopier

» What you need to do to add value to a small piece of material - and how to have other people do it for you

» How to make money with a digital camera - even the cheapies - whether you can take good photos or not. From wedding receptions (not being the wedding photographer, mind you) to people's back yards and even taking photos from the street. You see them all.

» How one business makes tens of thousands of dollars selling nothing but socks - and how you can adapt their business model to other items

» How to make money with eBay, including the unusual method of buying items at Retail Stores and still making money

» How one person makes money with a Dental product, and the non-dentist never-ending market he has tapped into (works in any modern country)

» The simple list that makes the publishers loads of money - this is not mailing lists - and where to find such lists yourself

» Where to get legal forms for FREE and save yourself Thousands on lawyer fees

» And MUCH MUCH MORE - in fact Over 936 Unique, Unusual and/or Proven Ways To Make Money!!!

This CD contains all this and much, Much, MUCH more - way, way too much to be able to list it here and do it justice (after all, 234 issues is a LOT of stuff, well over 1,600 pages worth of profitable business ideas and information). And you'll even find sample ads and flyers you can use to market the businesses.

If you already own your own business or you are even thinking about starting or running any kind of business online, offline, from home or whatever, you'll want this CD. Not only will having this CD show you how other people are making money, it provides you with ideas that could grow to be the kind of income that can easily exceed what you make on your 'real job'.

Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of The Great Ideas Letter Archive CD is the fact that you can go over the 936+ ideas any time you like - whether you're online or offline - without paying any extra. And it works on any computer you take it to (you are Not restricted to use it on just one computer).

And you can even Copy and Paste text, such as might be used in your own advertising. As well as Print off any pages you want to.

This is the CD you'll want to see before you even think about making extra money on the side or even full-blown income-replacing money. Highly recommended. On CD.

GUARANTEE: If The Great Ideas Letter Archive CD is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

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Listen, with over 936 unique, unusual and/or Proven ways to make money, the money making idea you've been
looking for could be on this CD. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of The Great Ideas Letter Archive CD today!

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